Spanish Moss


Air plants are on trend and easy to look after. This superb Tillandsia Usneoides airplant species is also known as Spanish moss or Old Man’s Beard. You can be really creative with where and how you suspended them in your home. They are evergreen, require no soil and are low maintenance – perfect houseplants!

Each one of my Tillandsia Usneoides is healthy and bushy. Their length is approx. 50cm – 80cm.

Air plants in general are easy to look after and need minimal care. They absorb their nutrients from air and water and therefore don’t need soil. Give your Spanish Moss a weekly spray with water (rain water is ideal but not essential). In the hot summer months you can mist them more often. For optimal care, spray with a specialised airplant feed monthly.

Keep your air plant in a light, bright room out of direct sunlight.


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