Rescue Air Plants



We have an abundance of lovely green tillandsia ionantha airplants that are taking up space in my studio. The plants are healthy but are not ‘perfect’ enough to list with my full price airplant listings. We are advertising them as ‘plant rescue’ specimens as they may have a few broken leaves or the odd crispy ends. With some TLC they will live happy but just need a good home.

These plants are perfect for airplant beginners to get a feel for them and practice caring for airplants. All plants come with full care instructions to help you get the best from them. I also have air plant fertiliser in my Etsy shop that you can add to your order for optimum nourishment if you wish but not essential.

Please expect to get green specimens but, depending on availability, we will try and pop in some pink/red tinged ones if we can.

*Please note – if you want a selection of different types of air plants, please see our ‘Air plants – small/medium’ listing*

Air plants are easy to look after and need minimal care. They absorb their nutrients from air and water and therefore don’t need soil. Give them a weekly bath in a bowl of water for half an hour (rain water is ideal but not essential). Gently shake off any excess water and let dry upside down on a towel. When dry return to its usual spot. If you forget about the bath occasionally, mist them to keep their moisture levels up.

Keep your air plant in a light, bright room out of direct sunlight.

*For optimal care please see my airplant fertiliser listing. Twice monthly fertilising will help promote healthy growth and, with any luck, blooms in springtime!*


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