Natural Reindeer Moss


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Natural Scandinavium Reindeer Moss – preserved moss available in various colours and quantities to suit your needs.

The moss requires no maintenance but will still add a botanical element to your home or craft project.

Reindeer moss is candy-floss soft and very versatile. It is used for various crafts including terrariums, wreath-making, vivariums, airplant arrangements and interior decor. Let your creativity go wild!

The moss grows in the forests of Scandinavia. It is naturally dried, dyed and then preserved.

It is sustainably resourced with permits issued by local authorities.

Each order is carefully hand-selected and packaged with the utmost care so it reaches you in great condition.

**Please note that the bottom of the moss has been harvested from the forest floor and may have some slight discolouration and pine needles etc. I always put in a few extra grams of moss to make up for this.

No maintenance!
Keep away from moisture and excessive sunlight to maintain its colour and freshness.
With the correct care your moss will remain fresh for up to seven years.
Keep away from fabrics and surfaces that may be marked by the dye.

Please allow 1g-5g error due to manual measurement.


Natural, Forest, Dark Green, Candy Floss, Fushia, Yellow, Aquamarine, Navy


25g, 100g


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