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Mini Tradescantia albiflora nanouk


Add a pop of colour to your plant collection with extremely popular trailing plant, tradescantia.

This multicoloured variegated plant is easy to card for and the foliage makes a beautiful focal point.

This mini version of the plant is a great introductory size and price. They are quick growers and very easy to care for!

Pot size – 5cm high

A bright spot but away from direct sunlight. Water when the top of the soil is dry and ensure water drains away so that the roots do not sit in water.

(Monochrome plant pot sold separately.)

Please note:
Upon receiving your plant please check the condition and get in touch immediately if any issues. Please allow for the slightest bit of wear and tear from the postal journey. After a week of having posted your plant, any care issues are the new owner’s (your) responsibility.


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