Marimo Moss Ball Terrarium Jar


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Own your own mini aquarium with a living Japanese good luck charm!

Marimo moss balls are velvety aquatic balls that are super easy to care for. They only require water and light to survive.

Interesting Facts:
Originally from Japan, the balls are actually a type of algae, aegagropila linnaei. ‘Marimo’ comes from the Japanese ‘mari’, a bouncy play ball, and ‘mo’, a water plant. They are considered good luck charms.

They are slow growing; approximately 0.5cm per year.

They are popular in the aquatic trade for aquarium aesthetics, water purifiers and food for shrimps!

What You’ll Get

  • High-quality corked glass jar – 8cm high x 7cm diameter
  • A medium-sized 3-4cm live Marimo moss ball
  • Optional Gravel

Important: Marimo moss ball measurements are when they are submerged in water.

Care Tips:
All a Marimo moss ball needs is room temperature tap water and indirect light. Change the water every two weeks to keep the water environment fresh. For the moss ball to thrive, ideally let the tap water stand for 24hrs before using. Remember to keep the container out of the sunshine. Agitate the water occasionally so that the moss ball isn’t always resting on the same side – this promotes round, even growth and ensures the ball gets an even amount of light. Squeeze the ball gently under a tap every few months to allow the centre of the ball to get fresh water.


No gravel, White gravel, Rainbow gravel


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