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The art of Air Plant display

You may have just bought some beautiful Air Plants and now you need some ideas on how to show them off around your home or office. You may even be a plant lover on the look-out for a fun craft project. Rest assured, there are everyday objects around your house or garden that will make great displays.

Airplants selection in a basket

The good thing about Air Plants is that there is no need for them to be planted in soil. This takes away the mess and the fuss of potting them up. Air Plants simply nourish themselves from moisture; this makes them one of the lowest maintenance house plants you can find.

Let’s get started on all the ways you could make the most of making your plants an interior design feature in your home. There are a multitude of different materials that suit the versatile Air Plant.

pentagon shape glass Terrarium with air plant

Glass plant holders

You could have some stylish glass vases, jars or bowls gathering dust around the house that could be waiting to be transformed into an open terrarium. In my opinion simple glass vessels make the best containers to hold air plants. As long as the container is open to allow for free-flowing air, and easy of remove the plant for its regular watering, your plant will flourish.

Glass and air plants

Adding some gravel and pebbles to the container is also an effective way to make a terrarium for your air plants. You can enhance the effect by adding driftwood and preserved reindeer moss too.

Some glass containers that make great open-air terrariums include:

Fishbowl vases, tall vases, mason jars, glass baubles and retro milk bottles

Air plant in terrarium

If you are using a sealed container, such as corked jars or Mason jars, to display your plants; ensure that you open the container on a regular basis to encourage fresh air flow. Always ensure that after watering your plant, that it is completely dry before placing it back in the container, as any moisture left on the plant may lead to rot.

So, as you can see, it is really completely up to your imagination! If you have created a top-notch glass display then please share your photos with us!

Air Plants in jars
Air Plant in bauble

Air plant wood holder

Creating natural-looking display of air plants can be very rewarding with stunning results. You may have an old tree branch in the garden or you’ve been on a woodland walk and have seen a gnarled log of wood. Pieces of driftwood are also highly effective. These ‘found objects’ make for beautiful air plant displays.

Natural wood with green air plant

Your air plants can be attached to the wood using florist wire or fishing line. Some people use glue but at Botanica Verde we like to keep things as simple and natural as possible for the plant. Sometimes a display lends itself to have the plants perched on top of them and there is no need to attach the plant.

Natural wood and air plant

Always remember to ensure that the plants can be removed from the display for watering. You may even be able to dunk the whole display during watering time, depending on its size and materials of course.

Air plant frame

Wooden displays can also take the form of frames or geometric designs. Box frames made out of offcuts of wooden planks make effective air plant arrangements. You can buy these online or make these at home with a few simple DIY tools. A criss-crossed mesh of wire (or even chicken wire) with the wooden frame can create a visually attractive and effective way of mounting the air plants.

Natural materials which can be added to the display alongside the air plants include reindeer moss and small wooden branches.

Haging air plant frame

Hanging or mounted geometric displays are a minimalist and modern design feature for your home. You can make these yourself or buy them from craft sellers on websites like Etsy.

Air plant wreath

Wreaths are not just for Christmas and definitely not exclusively for flower design. Air plants make a simple and stylish alternative to floral wreaths. They are essentially living wreaths and with the proper care can be displayed all year round. Creating your own air plant wreath is a fun and crafty activity to do with friends.

Air plants wreaths can be used to enhance your home or be used as decorations at weddings or events.

Air plant wire stand

Wire holders are versatile and make great air plant displays. They can be hanging containers or stands.

If, like many, you now work from home following the onset on Covid, an air plant stand on your desktop surface is wonderful way to add some nature to your work space. Having plants in your working environment is a scientifically proven way to increase mental wellbeing.

Wearable tillandsia air plants

Did you know that very small or even baby air plants (or pups as they are known) can even be used as jewellery? Some great craft projects include making ear-rings, brooches or necklaces out of air plants. What an amazing feeling it must be to be wearing your air plants!

Air plant wedding centerpieces

The latest wedding trends show that air plants are featuring as part of the celebration’s visual displays. Air plants are being used to decorate tables, are gifted as wedding favours and are even replacing or complementing flowers in bridal bouquets and boutonnières (or button holes). Air plants are a truly unique way to make a special day even more memorable.

Gold Terrarium
Concrete pot with air plant wedding

How to care for an Air Plant

Whatever container you use, remember to take the air plants out of it to water the plants and then wait for them to completely dry before putting them back in. Never mist your plant while it is inside e.g. a vase or bowl. Water may collect at the bottom of the container and make the air plant soggy. This will unfortunately lead to rot, which cannot be reversed.

See our air plant care page for full care tips to get the most from your air plants.

Basket of air plants

Share your creative air plant displays

We would love to see how you display your air plants! Share your photos with us by tagging us on Instagram @botanicaverde or by leaving a comment below.

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