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In the search for Instagram accounts with plant care tips and styling inspirations?

Here at Botanica Verde, we've selected 5 of the best plant instagram accounts to follow. Instagram is a wonderful way to connect with fellow plant-loving people around the world. From getting inspiration on how to decorate your space with greenery, to plant care hacks. Instagram is a great source of information and community.

We enjoy a mixture of accounts that are aesthetically pleasing, informative, engaging and some that just make me smile.

Here are my top 5 accounts to follow:

1. The Plant Rescuer

Good for: Nifty plant care tips

A plant guru who, as their account name indicates, just loves rescuing plants that others have forsaken. Her Instagram reels show the state the unloved plant was in when she rescued them and then gives a step by step account on her hacks to nursing them back to full health. Even experienced plant lovers will be guaranteed to learn new care techniques with this naturally green-fingered plant goddess. You would never guess that most of this plant person’s impressive collection were found in tips, abandoned on the pavement or in the discounted section of garden centres.

2. Jamies’ Jungle


Good for: Styling inspiration

You would think that Jamie Song’s apartment is in a more tropical location than its London setting. Jamie’s open plan living space has featured in many gardening books and TV programmes due to it’s lush and tropical appearance. Jamie shows that even in a cold climate like the UK, one can create a little tropical paradise with the right light and care. If you like trailing plants, you will particularly enjoy the selection in his home. Jamie has even used adhesive hooks to train a trailing plant to grow up his living room wall.

3. Botany Geek


Good for: All things tropical and some awe-inspiring interior projects

James Wong is a botanist trained at Kew Gardens and has presented documentaries on TV. His Instagram profile proclaims that he lives with 500 plants!

His grid is a mix of tropical plant eye-candy as well as botanical projects that he does at home. Some of the projects include: ‘How to make mini tree ferns’, ‘Exotic kokedamas’ and ‘How to make a living terrarium table’.

As well as inspiring tropical plant projects you can also follow a link on his bio for indoor gardening courses. He truly is a font of immense plant knowledge!

4. HerMerakai


Good for: Plant care hacks

Based in South Africa, Nkhensani, is a young plant enthusiast who has much botanical wisdom beyond her years. This is a great account to follow for those who are not necessarily plant experts and who are on the look out for tips on maintaining plants for optimum health. Her grid posts feature such useful hacks as: ‘How to treat plant rot’, What kind of water is best for your plants’, ‘How to make a DIY moss pole’ and ‘Weekly houseplant maintenance’.

Nkhensani also advocates mental wellbeing through plant care so this account is a double whammy of goodness.

5. Artic Gardener


Good for: Interior styling in winter climates

For those of us living in countries dominated by winter for most of the year, this Instagram account based in Denmark gives us hope that one can have one’s very own plant kingdom in our homes. There is a huge variety of plants on this account and they look fabulous set in the Scandi minimalist home aesthetic. His interior plant styling is so popular that he has published a book featuring his lovely home and plant advice.

What are your top Instagram recommendations?

We’d love to hear what your top plant instagram accounts or Plantstagram (is that a word?!) accounts are. Which accounts are the most beautiful, have the best care hacks or are the most engaging with recommendable reels. Let us know in the comments below. And of course don't forget to check out our Instagram account @botanicaverde.

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