Beverly created Botanica Verde in 2018 after moving from London to the outskirt of Bristol. Her passion for Plants and botanical craft resulted in the start of this business.

Clifton bridge in Bristol

Botanica verde is based and booming near Bristol in the UK, a vibrant and cultural city famous for its hot air balloons, Wallace and Gromit and mysterious graffiti artist, Banksy.

Banksy art work in Bristol

At the start, her signature concrete pots were the labour of many failed batches, to get the process right to make sure the products were up to her standard which will be passed on to her customers.

Nowadays, you will only find the odd concrete pots on the Botaniverde shop as Beverly expended her business to focus on air plants, moss balls and accessories.

Selection of concrete pots from Botanica Verde

Thanks for visiting the website, if you’d like to read more, have a nose around. Otherwise, don’t hang around, visit our shop to choose your perfect plant and pot combination!


Maker and Owner