I started Botanica Verde in 2018 when I was in-between jobs because I like to keep busy and I thought if I made pots that I loved, then maybe others would like them too. Many (many) a cement experimentation later, I had just the right concrete formula for durable and tactile pots. (I realise now why concrete is part of engineering university degrees!)

What’s great about having started Botanica Verde is that I get to connect with like-minded plant-loving people! I enjoy meeting customers at markets and have a natter about plants. I also love the Instagram plant community – it’s allowed me to connect with some fab people all over the world and learn so much.

I also love being based in my new hometown of Bristol (well, technically just outside of it). It’s a vibrant and cultural city (famous for it’s hot air balloons, Wallace and Gromit and mysterious graffiti artist, Banksy) with a fiercely independent spirit.

Having started with geometric concrete pots, I soon diversified in making other botanical creations, and offering unusual plants (airplant or Marimo moss ball anyone?).

Thanks for visiting the website, if you’d like to read more, have a nose around. Otherwise, don’t hang around, visit my Etsy shop to choose your perfect plant and pot combination!

Beverly Gibson-Patteux

Maker and Owner

Botanica Verde market stall


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